PIF 2013 | 7th International Congress 18-21 June 2013 - Novara, Italy
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Pigments in food - PIF 2013

Important deadlines (NEW - UPDATED!)

  • Submission of Abstracts:

    28th February 2013

  • Acceptance of Abstracts:

    starting from 8th March 2013

  • Submission of 3 pages Proceedings:

    15th April 2013

  • Submission of selected manuscripts for publication in Food Research International:

    during the Congress the dead line will be communicated.

  • On-line registration closure:

    7th June 2013

Contact information

Technical and scientific questions:


Scientific Committee

Øyvind M. Andersen (Norway)

Marco Arlorio (Italy - CHAIR)

George Britton (United Kingdom)

Reinhold Carle (Germany)

Laurent Dufossé (Réunion Island)

José Empis (Portugal)

Vincenzo Fogliano (Italy)

Nicola Galaffu (Switzerland)

Vural Gokmen (Turkey)

Marina Heinonen (Finland)

Adriana Mercadante (Brazil)

María Roca López Cepero (Spain)

Steven J. Schwartz (USA)

Livia Simon Sarkadi (Hungary)

Carmen Socaciu (Romania)

Organizing Committee

Marco Arlorio (Italy) Chair
Jean Daniel Coisson (Italy) Co-Chair
Vincenzo Fogliano (Italy) Co-Chair
Daniele Giuffrida (Italy)
Aldo Martelli (Italy)
Fabiano Travaglia (Italy)


Matteo Bordiga (Italy)
Elisabetta Cereti (Italy)
Cristiano Garino (Italy)
Monica Locatelli (Italy)
Michael Recupero (Italy)

Key topics:

chemistry, biochemistry; extraction and isolation; new green/white (bio)technologies for pigments extraction, stabilization and formulation; color analysis and measure; toxicology; bioactive properties of pigments; pigments as "functional ingredients"; new sources of pigments (also from by-products and agro-food wastes); effect of processing on natural pigments; and more…


G. BRITTON (formerly Professor at University of Liverpool, U.K.)
"Natural carotenoids: a study in oils and water colours"

Ø.M. ANDERSEN (University of Bergen, Norway)
"Differences in anthocyanin content of food and natural sources correlated with differences in anthocyanin chemistry and properties"

V. GÖKMEN (Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey)
"Artificial intelligence: improving the color measurement"

G. CRAVOTTO (University of Turin, Italy)
"Microwave and Ultrasound assisted food pigments extraction: highly efficient reactors for green, sustainable processes"

N. T. ERIKSEN (University of Aalborg, Denmark)
"Pigments from microalgae: a new perspective with emphasis on phycocyanin"

E. CHRISTAKI (University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
"Algal carotenoids as novel pigments in nutrition"

R.M. SCHWEIGGERT (University of Hohenheim, Germany)
"Enhanced bioavailability of carotenoids: the influence of chromoplast morphology, dietary lipid, and thermal processing"

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Pigments in food - PIF 2013

…food technology towards health, passing through colors…

7th International Congress 18-21 June 2013 Novara, Italy

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